About Us

Welcome Chaitanya College of Pharmacy

Chaitanya College Of Pharmacy was established in the year 2009 at the aim of providing quality higher education and instill education through our dedicated staff, making our students technologically superior. Has a mission to educate students from the local and rural areas, so that they become enlightened individuals. We will provide individual attention and world class education.

We are proud of our significant progress in meeting the goals and objectives of the college's mission to promote the health and welfare of the citizens of the nation.

There is a deep and abiding resolve on the part of all who comprise the College family to actively contribute to the full professional realization of each and every student. We believe that a true grounding as a professional requires a sense of belonging, a sense of caring, and a sense of commitment. In that regard, we are driving by a "spirit of community."

Chaitanya College Of Pharmacy. is determined of preparing outstanding pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to meet the health care needs of the diverse populations of the state and society and enhancing the delivery of essential pharmacy services for all citizens.

Reflecting the values of education , the vision of the Nimra College of Pharmacy is to contribute to the building of a better society for all through improved health status of individuals and the community. We will accomplish this vision through devotion to our mission of increased educational opportunities to society as a whole.

The College will strive to prepare students to be competent, attentive, and ethical professionals dedicated to providing care to patients and supporting the health care team.